Project Highlights

Some stories bear repeating…

These recent projects were big wins for Oregon, and exemplify the collaborative spirit of Oregonians. Oregon Consensus is proud to have played a part.

willamette-river-bridgeWillamette River Bridge

In 2002, cracks identified in the Interstate 5 Willamette River Bridge bordering Eugene and Springfield required re-routing of heavy trucks 200 miles out of their way. A temporary bridge built in 2004 provided an interim solution, but did not meet standards for permanent bridges. The Oregon Transportation Investment Act of 2003 provided funding for construction of a permanent replacement bridge beginning in May 2009. Oregon Consensus facilitated a Willamette River Bridge Project Development Team and designed an extensive community involvement effort that resulted in broad agreement about bridge design and may have prevented delays that would have cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars…Read more.

ProgressUnion County Wind Energy

Oregon Consensus (OC) conducted an assessment of issues related to siting of a proposed wind power project near the city of Union. The assessment included the City of Union, Antelope Ridge Wind Power, LLC, Union County, the Oregon Department of Energy, project landowners and members of a local citizen’s group opposed to the project. Subsequent facilitated dialogues helped the parties understand each others’ interests, and led to agreement on a draft revised Strategic Investment Program agreement between Union County and Antelope Ridge that ensures that $2 million will go directly to the City of Union if the project is build in full…Read more.

seasideSeaside Transportation System Plan

After years of bitter conflict about how to address seasonal congestion on Highway 101 in the city of Seaside, the city and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) joined together in an Oregon Consensus project and agreed on Seaside’s first Transportation System Plan. The result is a visionary transportation plan for a small coastal city, a model for other communities affected by seasonal traffic, renewed relationships among agency partners and the community, and broad support for a new future for Highway 101. The project was named 2010 Project of the Year by WTS for overcoming community conflict, developing visionary solutions and engaging women in leadership roles…Read more.

WEC-projectWest Eugene Collaborative (WEC)

After a contentious 10-year public debate that defeated plans for a parkway to ease traffic in west Eugene, nearly 30 community members collaborated for two years and reached agreement on future transportation, land use and natural resource solutions in west Eugene. The WEC final report was welcomed by the community, and in March 2009, the Eugene City Council voted unanimously to hold work sessions to discuss next steps for implementing the recommendations…Read more.

WillametteRiver1Willamette Partnership—Counting on the Environment

The Willamette Partnership—Counting on the Environment project crafted an ecosystem accounting system that is a cutting edge model for functioning ecosystem services markets nationally. The system creates monetary incentives for meaningful conservation and restoration actions in Oregon; increases cooperation across private and business sectors; and links the economy and the environment by creating business opportunities in Oregon that advance environmental health…Read more.

iStock_000005423801XSmallspawningSteelhdColumbia Basin Anadromous Fish Monitoring and Evaluation

More than 70 representatives of 25 organizations convened in a five-day workshop that resulted in agreement on a strategy for assessing anadromous salmon and steelhead population parameters, habitat and hatchery effectiveness in the Columbia Basin. The strategy applies to the entire Columbia River Basin, including eight large sub-basins in three states, and will impact dozens of organizations and governments and hundreds of monitoring projects focused on 150 distinct salmonid populations…Read more.

hispanic agenda for actionOregon Latino Agenda for Action (OLAA)

Through facilitated policy dialogues, the Oregon Latino Agenda for Action emerged to provide a single, unified voice—una voz unida—to articulate the perspectives, concerns, and challenges of the growing Latino community in Oregon, and to identify public policy solutions to address community needs…Read more.

Railway track leading far onwardLeadbetter Railroad Overcrossing

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) contracted with Oregon Consensus to mediate an administrative appeal of an ODOT final order to construct a railroad overcrossing at North Leadbetter Road in Portland and to close the at-grade crossing. In two full-day mediations, thirty-two participants representing eleven affected parties reached an agreement that prevented a contested case hearing, preserved the at-grade crossing and access to local businesses, and allowed the railroad project to proceed…Read more.

OHA healthcare child small imageOregon Health Authority (OHA) Regional Forum

The Oregon Health Authority Policy Board and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) sought public input on its comprehensive health reform plan, including a health insurance exchange, before submitting the plan to the 2010 Oregon Legislature. Oregon Consensus designed and facilitated public forums and developed a website to engage citizens beyond the forums and on future OHA issues. More than 800 people attended the live forums in Baker City, Portland, Corvallis, Florence, Bend, and Medford, and an additional 2,000 provided input through the website to help shape effective health reform in Oregon…Read more.