Cogan Owens Greene, LLC

Cogan Owens Greene, LLC is a multidisciplinary firm of planners, public process experts and other professionals specializing in facilitation, public engagement, strategic planning and sustainability.  We facilitate processes that bring together diverse stakeholders with differing views and aspirations to build consensus and resolve complex issues. Our innovative processes inspire people to examine the past, build on the present and create specific goals, objectives, and actions to guide future decisions and activities they will support.  Cogan Owens Greene has award-winning success in structuring the input of citizens so that it becomes an essential part of the decision-making process. Tailoring specific approaches to fit each project, we use creative tools and techniques that encourage consensus and give life and energy to public processes. We take care that information is presented in non-technical language with well-illustrated and clear graphics. Our goal is to build a constituency that is sympathetic and supportive of the ultimate political decisions.

Oregon Consensus
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government
Portland State University
(503) 725-2265

Description courtesy of Cogan Owens Greene, LLC

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