Kearns & West

Kearns & West has over 25 years of experience designing collaborative approaches, specifically addressing policy development challenges. Our small, woman-owned business operates from offices in Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA; Sacramento, CA; and Portland, OR.

Kearns & West is expert at designing effective collaborative processes. We take a complex range of issues, opinions, ideas and needs, and organize them into a productive process with clear objectives.  Kearns & West understands the special requirements of working with stakeholders to achieve goals. We have a proven record of success thanks to our stakeholder-centric approach of providing robust collaboration and strategic communications services. Our commitment to positive, mutually beneficial results has helped us maintain long-term relationships with the people and organizations we assist.

Kearns & West’s collaborative solutions, public involvement, and policy development services assess and strategically incorporate complex issues, opinions, ideas, and needs into productive processes to achieve clear objectives and outcomes.

Oregon Consensus
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government
Portland State University
(503) 725-2265

Description courtesy of Kearns & West

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