ECO Resource Group

ECO Resource Group integrates environmental, community and organizational strategies for the success of business, community and government organizations worldwide. ECO provides innovative, customized solutions to clarify goals, develop sustainable adaptive management strategies, resolve problems, improve communications, and maximize and monitor the effective use of valuable human and natural resources. Our collaborative network of ecologists, planners, communicators, and management and organizational leaders provides unique approaches to environmental sustainability, community resilience, and organizational innovation. We provide tools and techniques to allow you to innovate and succeed in the ever-changing natural, social and business ecosystems that affect you and your organization.

Since 1983, our multidisciplinary teaming approach has blended open collaboration with specialized expertise, creating a flexible, yet focused and responsive range of integrated consulting, research, coaching and training services. This approach models the collaboration, interdisciplinary teaming, and inclusiveness that stimulates and supports innovation and takes advantage of the full range of technical expertise, practical experience and deep understanding inherent in your business community.

Oregon Consensus
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government
Portland State University
(503) 725-2265

Description courtesy of ECO Resource Group website