The Langdon Group

The Langdon Group is a team of specialists in mediation, facilitation, public involvement, alternative dispute resolution and strategic communications. Our diverse backgrounds in public policy, environmental conflict resolution, natural resources and organizational development prepare us to help communities and clients resolve some of the toughest challenges they face today.

Our training and experience in interest-based negotiation informs the specifics of the services we provide. If we are performing a situational assessment, cultural audit, public involvement process or utilizing the latest in social media and web-based technology, at our core we are looking to identify interests and meet the spectrum of needs that each individual or organization demands. Our ability to engage stakeholders is contingent on determining the best communication method, ranging from one-on-one interaction to visual communication in online media. We recognize that effective communication brings a complex plan or issue into simple, understandable terms that can maximize stakeholder involvement.

Oregon Consensus
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government
Portland State University
(503) 725-2265

Description courtesy of The Langdon Group