About Us Overview

Better together

Every day across Oregon, questions arise about the best way to grow the economy, protect the environment, or foster healthy communities. When government entities, community members, organizations, and businesses voice different opinions about how to solve a problem or plan for the future, Oregon Consensus can help. We help people examine and weigh diverse viewpoints and interests and find commonalities. When people on all sides of an issue combine their efforts, they build solutions they all can support.

Coverage across Oregon

Our team of expert mediators and facilitators works throughout Oregon to:

  • Assess situations and bring the right people to the table to discuss them.
  • Design and facilitate meetings to make sure all viewpoints are considered.
  • Help groups sort through information to support sound decisions.
  • Help groups convey their recommendations or agreements in writing.

We partner with you

We don’t take sides or make decisions. We simply create the path for people to move beyond their differences, join together, and discover a new way forward.