Our Partners

In addition to our staff of experienced mediators, we collaborate with regional, statewide and national connections to resolve disputes anywhere in Oregon. Our partners include:

Portland State University

Oregon Consensus is located in the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University, and operates independently from a state agency or any other group that Oregon Consensus serves. Our connection to Portland State University separates us from outside influences and enhances our neutrality. The university makes it possible for us to offer student internships, and provides us with academic affiliates who have expertise in public policy and conflict resolution.

National Policy Consensus Center

Within the Hatfield School of Government, Oregon Consensus is housed in the National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC). This center, along with its nonprofit affiliate, The Policy Consensus Initiative, works across the nation to foster the use of collaborative governance in states and communities. Oregon Consensus puts these collaborative governance methods to work at the local level to resolve disputes here in Oregon.