Affiliated Practitioner Team

We help parties select the neutral mediator with the most appropriate skills and experience for the project. The mediator may be an Oregon Consensus staff mediator or a mediator from our affiliated practitioner team. Our affiliated practitioner team brings extensive knowledge of public policy issues and a wealth of experience. It includes some of the most accomplished senior-level mediation firms in the field. Learn more about members of our affiliated practitioner team:

Artemis Consulting

Artemis Consulting and its principal, Diana Bianco, have extensive expertise in facilitation and mediation of complex public policy issues involving diverse stakeholders. Bianco has more than 20 years of experience in policy development, advocacy, communications, organizational growth, and project management. Read more about Artemis Consulting.

Barney & Worth, Inc.

Barney & Worth, Inc., is a strategic communications and community engagement firm built on the principle that good decisions make great communities. We partner with public agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations to create better communities, using a communications approach that is research-based with a focus on grassroots involvement and messaging…Read more about Barney & Worth, Inc.

BDS Planning & Urban Design

BDS Planning & Urban Design offers an experienced team with proven consensus-building skills, as well as an extensive track record of solving strategic puzzles by fostering stakeholder collaboration, impartial assessment, and convening, facilitating, and mediating challenging public policy issues. With more than 25 years of experience in Oregon…Read more about BDS Planning & Urban Design.

Connexus Conflict Management

Connexus Conflict Management provides mediation, facilitation, training, coaching, and consulting to individuals and organizations in the private and public arenas. From 2006 to 2014, after 14 years in private practice as a mediator/facilitator, Tim Hicks, led the Master’s degree program in Conflict Resolution at the University of Oregon…Read more about Connexus Conflict Management.

DS Consulting

DS Consulting is a woman-owned, full service conflict management, mediation, and facilitation firm that focuses primarily on aspects of public policy regarding natural and human resources as well as health care issues.  We have been providing facilitation, mediation, consensus building, and strategic planning services to government agencies in Oregon and the Northwest for more than…Read more about DS Consulting.

ECO Resource Group

ECO Resource Group integrates environmental, community and organizational strategies for the success of business, community and government organizations worldwide. ECO provides innovative, customized solutions to clarify goals, develop sustainable adaptive management strategies, resolve problems, improve communications, and maximize and monitor the effective use of valuable human and natural resources…Read more about the Eco Resource Group.


EnviroIssues is a full-service public participation firm that provides outreach and engagement, facilitation, communications, research and graphic design services. For more than 25 years, we’ve been the Pacific Northwest’s leader in engaging communities on some of the thorniest public policy and environmental issues of our day….Read more about EnviroIssues.

Fox Mediation

A former soil scientist and lawyer, I founded my mediation and facilitation firm in 1996.  I specialize in public policy work—usually large, complex, multi-party issues.  I also mediate workplace disputes.  I have taught a graduate-level class at Portland State University and give workshops around the country on such topics as collaborative negotiation, humor in conflict resolution, and decision science…Read more about Fox Mediation.

Health Management Associates

Health Management Associates is a leading independent national research and consulting firm in the healthcare industry. Founded in 1985, today we are nearly 200 consultants strong and still growing. We help clients stay ahead of the curve in publicly funded healthcare by providing technical assistance, resources, decision support and expertise…Read more about Health Management Associates.

Healthy Business Systems & Associates, LLC

Heidi East McGowen is Principal of Healthy Business Systems & Associates, LLC. Heidi’s contract work managing the Quality Indicators Project in Oregon led to the first statewide system of quality measurements helping business owners secure over 2 million dollars of public funding. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Commission on Childcare which advises the Governor and Oregon Legislature on policy recommendations….Read more about Healthy Business Systems & Associates, LLC.

Institute for Conflict Management, Inc.

The Institute for Conflict Management, Inc. (ICM) is a Portland-based national provider of mediation, facilitation, and training services. We have extensive experience in the intersection of policy, politics, science, business and law. Because of our multi-disciplinary approach, we are very successful in integrating complex data into multi-stakeholder, politicized, policy development forums…Read more about the Institute for Conflict Management, Inc.

Integral Solutions

Located in southern Oregon, Integral Solutions’ mission is to enhance the human and natural environment through effective communication, consensus decision making and conflict resolution. Principal areas of expertise include: watershed management, forestry, natural resources, hazardous waste, energy issues, transportation, urban growth/development, noise abatement, land use, agriculture, parks & recreation, education, social services, health care, community and cross-cultural issues…Read more about Integral Solutions.

Jensen Strategies, LLC

Jensen Strategies helps move organizations forward through informed and inclusive decision-making that leads to lasting results. With professional expertise and objectivity, we help public, private, and nonprofit organizations make key decisions, plan for the future, and improve productivity and effectiveness.  We offer a variety of services including strategic planning, facilitation…Read more about Jensen Strategies, LLC.

JLA Public Involvement

JLA specializes in public communications, outreach, facilitated consensus building and online engagement services exclusively for public agencies. This specialized experience has laid the groundwork for providing public decision-making and committee management services to our agency clients. Our firm brings more than 25 years of insight and a commitment to developing creative, successful processes that result…Read more about JLA Public Involvement.

Kearns & West

Kearns & West has over 25 years of experience designing collaborative approaches, specifically addressing policy development challenges. Our small, woman-owned business operates from offices in Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA; Sacramento, CA; and Portland, OR…Read more about Kearns & West.

Kennedy Consulting, LLC

Kennedy Consulting, LLC, is an organizational development consulting firm serving government sector and nonprofit organizations. The firm’s Principal, Michelle Kennedy, has over 25 years of management and consulting experience with public and nonprofit organizations, including significant experience in consensus-driven facilitation, strategic planning, community and organizational assessments, program evaluation, organizational change management…Read more about Kennedy Consulting, LLC.

The Langdon Group

The Langdon Group is a team of specialists in mediation, facilitation, public involvement, alternative dispute resolution and strategic communications. Our diverse backgrounds in public policy, environmental conflict resolution, natural resources and organizational development prepare us to help communities and clients resolve some of the toughest challenges they face today…Read more about the Langdon Group.

Lazenby & Associates

Chip Lazenby, the principal with Lazenby & Associates, has over 25 years of experience in public policy development, mediation and group and community facilitation. Lazenby & Associates has worked with METRO to unearth a minority hiring program and build community support for a redesigned program, worked with the cities of Tigard and Durham…Read more about Lazenby & Associates.

The Mary Orton Company

The Mary Orton Company inspires individuals and groups to reach their highest goals and aspirations by transforming how people work together. We specialize in designing and facilitating complex consensus-building processes. Since 1999, we have offered…Read more about the Mary Orton Company.

Meridian Institute

Meridian Institute helps people solve problems, make informed decisions, and craft solutions to address society’s most complex and controversial issues. We accomplish this by designing and applying collaborative approaches, including facilitation, mediation, and strategic consultation…Read more about Meridian Institute.

Michael Schnee Consulting

Mike Schnee is the principal and manager of Michael Schnee Consulting, LLC. Mike is dedicated to excellence in the field of conflict resolution. He is a past president of the Oregon Mediation Association, was the Co-Chair of the 2011 Annual Conference of the Environment and Public Policy Section of the Association of Conflict Resolution…Read more about Michael Schnee Consulting.

MultiCultural Collaborative

MultiCultural Collaborative (MCC) brings together a unique multicultural and interdisciplinary team of planning and business professionals. Our approaches help build capacity in institutions and empower communities of color by providing a voice in policy and decision-making. We strengthen emerging markets and local economies by helping develop leadership, governance, and self-advocacy…Read more about MultiCultural Collaborative.

Solid Ground Consulting

Solid Ground Consulting is an organizational development and consulting firm specializing in helping transform individual leaders and leadership organizations into effective agents for positive community action. We support organizations through the design of decision making processes that seek multiple perspectives, synthesize information, and present critical issues for discussion and resolution…Read more about Solid Ground Consulting.

Triangle Associates

Triangle Associates is a consulting firm committed to helping people understand and resolve public policy and planning issues and environmental conflicts. Since its founding in 1979, Triangle has provided an array of public involvement, facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution and environmental education services to federal, state, tribal and local governments, non-profits and communities locally, regionally and nationally…Read more about Triangle Associates.