Our Team

Meet Our Staff

Oregon Consensus is staffed by a director and project managers and associates who design, manage, and facilitate collaborative public policy projects. Our staff includes:

Robin Harkless, MS, Director (503) 725-9099 hrobin@pdx.edu
Turner Odell, JD, Senior Natural Resources Project Manager (503) 725-8200 todell@pdx.edu
Bobby Cochran, MA, PhD, Senior Project Manager (503) 334-6872 jcochran@pdx.edu
Jennah Kiefer, Project Manager (530) 680-8668 jennah@pdx.edu

Oregon Consensus is a program of the National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC), Laurel Singer, M.S., L.P.C., National Policy Consensus Executive Director, (503) 725-8224 laurels@pdx.edu

Affiliated Practitioner Team

In addition to our staff mediators, we work with affiliated private practice mediators whom we evaluate and approve for senior-level mediation services on our behalf. Learn more about our affiliated practitioner team.

Our Academic Affiliates

As part of Portland State University, we draw on the scholarship and experience of university faculty in the field of public policy and conflict resolution. We put that knowledge to work right here in Oregon. Learn more about our affiliated faculty.

Our Partners

We have many regional, statewide, and national connections in the field of public collaboration. Those connections enhance our ability to resolve disputes anywhere in Oregon. Learn more about our partners.