Assessment and Collaboration Design

Step 1: Assessment

If you decide to move forward with Oregon Consensus after your initial consultation, we will conduct a more in-depth assessment to identify the issues, interests, and outcomes that are important for your group to address. During an assessment, we will interview people who are knowledgeable about or affected by the issue. After the assessment, we will report our findings, including:

  • Whether people are ready to collaborate
  • Approaches to prepare people for collaboration
  • What key concerns underlie the issue
  • Our recommendations for structuring meetings and group work
  • How long it might take your group to complete any collaborative work
  • Funding approaches for the project

The assessment report helps you decide whether to proceed with a collaborative approach.

Step 2: Collaboration design

Based on the assessment, Oregon Consensus will work with you to design a plan to achieve desired outcomes. The plan includes meeting design and timeline, information collection, constructive group dialogue methods, and progress tracking. The collaboration design takes into account your budget, availability, and other constraints.

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