Bull Mountain Assessment

bull mountain watershedIn 2006, Oregon Consensus conducted an independent assessment of issues and concerns related to governance, annexation, the provision of urban services, and other related issues in the unincorporated Bull Mountain area of Washington County, adjacent to the City of Tigard. Prompting the assessment was a continuing set of challenging issues and concerns and a history of differences between the City of Tigard, the Friends of Bull Mountain (a citizen’s group of Bull Mountain residents) and other related parties. The City attempted to annex the unincorporated Bull Mountain area in the November 2004 election but failed to win the needed double majority vote. The Friends of Bull Mountain initially contacted Oregon Consensus in the spring of 2005 to request assistance in resolving the ongoing governance and urban services issues. Oregon Consensus conducted a series of interviews with parties representing a range of perspectives on the issues in order to assess whether there was an opportunity to initiate a collaborative process to address the issue.

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