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Newborn Screening Advisory Board

Northwest Regional Newborn Screening (NWRNBS) is a program of the Oregon Health Authority’s Oregon State Public Health Laboratory. NWRNBS has formed an advisory board to assist with the modernization of the program.  The advisory board is setting protocol and criteria for adding or removing conditions from the screening panel, and providing overall strategic advice to … Read more

Health Care Transformation

Since 2012, Oregon Consensus has been providing the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) with a wide range of collaborative support to advance health care transformation in Oregon. Oregon Consensus services have included facilitation, conflict resolution, collaborative learning summits and public engagement meetings, as well as organizational consultation to support OHA’s ongoing work with Coordinated Care Organizations … Read more

Community Health Worker Research and Education Consortium

The Community Health Worker Consortium is a partnership between Oregon Consensus, Portland State University’s School for Community Health, the Oregon Community Health Workers Association (ORCHWA), and the Multnomah County Community Capacitation Center (CCC). The Cambia Health Foundation provides funding for the project. The Consortium focuses on creating alignment around best practices in the community health worker field … Read more

Integrated Services Support Rules Work Group

The Integrated Services Support Rules (ISSRs) govern the licensing of addiction and mental health providers in Oregon.  In 2011, the Oregon Legislature adopted Senate Bill 238 directing the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to form a work group to review the rules and recommend revisions. The ISSR Revisions Work Group included representatives of Coordinated Care Organizations, … Read more

Prescription Authority Work Group

The 2009 Legislative Assembly heard heated debate about proposed legislation authorizing Oregon psychologists to prescribe medication for certain mental illnesses. 2009 House Bill 2702 addressed the conflict by directing formation of a work group to develop recommendations for legislation to address the issue. In 2010, Oregon Consensus facilitated the work group, which reached agreement on … Read more

Oregon Health Authority Regional Forum

“I believe we have all worked well together to help OHA set a high standard for how to truly engage the public in Oregon.”—Marti Kantola, Director, Six Rivers Community Mediation Center The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is leading the effort to create quality affordable health care in Oregon. In 2010, The OHA citizen-led board selected … Read more

Human Health-Related Scope of Practice Process Advisory Group

Legislators receive many proposals each session to expand or narrow health care scopes of practice. Scopes of practice define services licensed professionals may legally provide. The review process is time-consuming, and stakeholders are often polarized.  Like many states, Oregon has no clear process for evaluating these requests. Legislators, striving to uphold public safety, face challenges … Read more

School-Based Health Care

The Oregon School Based Health Care Network and related stakeholders collaborated with medical insurance providers to develop sustainable funding sources for School-Based Health Care Centers in Oregon.  In 2005, Oregon Consensus provided technical assistance and facilitation services to assist in developing an initial forum to identify the obstacles and issues, and to lay the groundwork for further joint … Read more