Integrated Services Support Rules Work Group


The Integrated Services Support Rules (ISSRs) govern the licensing of addiction and mental health providers in Oregon.  In 2011, the Oregon Legislature adopted Senate Bill 238 directing the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to form a work group to review the rules and recommend revisions. The ISSR Revisions Work Group included representatives of Coordinated Care Organizations, Community Mental Health Programs, health care providers and staff members of OHA’s Division of Addictions and Mental Health. The group’s goals were to identify rule changes that would reduce administrative burdens and remove barriers to Oregon’s vision of integrated health care delivery, improved health care services, better health outcomes and lowered costs.  In meetings designed and facilitated by Oregon Consensus, the work group reached consensus on nearly 90% of suggested changes, and outlined options for transformative future directions for the rules. The options were then presented for broader stakeholder feedback and development around the state.