Offshore Wind Community Benefit Assessment

Oregon Consensus was asked by a state senator to assess whether the timing was right for Oregon Consensus to facilitate a stakeholder collaboration specifically to craft guidelines around a community benefit agreement tied to possible offshore wind development off of Oregon’s south coast. Oregon Consensus found that the conditions and timing were not right for … Read more

Elliott State Forest

The 93,000-acre Elliott State Forest, just northeast of Coos Bay, Oregon, is made up primarily of state-owned lands dedicated to Oregon’s Common School Fund under the authority of the State Land Board. Since the forest was established in 1930, timber harvest has served as the primary source of revenue. In 2017, due to declining timber … Read more

Burns District Wildfire Collaborative

The Burns, Oregon, district of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  engaged Oregon Consensus to convene and facilitate the BLM Burns District Wildfire Collaborative. The group worked to increase fire resiliency in southeast Oregon by improving collaboration and communication related to fire prevention, response, and recovery.  

Western Oregon Collaboration Inquiry

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and senior officials of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have expressed a strong desire to find new approaches to managing land included in the Oregon and California Lands Act of 1937 (O&C Act). BLM and Oregon Governor Kitzhaber are interested in exploring approaches to creating a policy framework for … Read more