Region 1 Transportation Coordination Task Force

In 2014, Oregon Consensus convened the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Region 1 Transportation Coordination Task Force. The goal of the task force was to make recommendations to the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) regarding formation of an Area Commission on Transportation (ACT) or similar public body in ODOT’s Region 1. (At that time, only Region 1 and the Portland Metro area did not have ACTs.) The goal of the ACT would be to improve coordination of transportation funding and to formalize a funding process throughout the four-county region represented by ODOT Region 1.

About Area Commissions on Transportation

The OTC established ACTs statewide to improve communication and interaction between the OTC, ODOT and local stakeholders, including local officials, legislators, the business community, and others who have an interest in transportation issues. The ACTs play a key advisory role in the development of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, and they make recommendations to the OTC regarding selection of transportation projects that have local or regional significance. ACTs may also participate in policy development and prioritization of transportation projects of statewide importance.


In November 2014, the Region 1 Transportation Coordination Task Force agreed on a recommended ACT membership structure to represent the diverse transportation needs of the Portland metro region and to provide direction for a decision-making structure for transportation investments. Based on the task force recommendations, ODOT staff drafted a proposal for formation of a Region 1 ACT. (Download a PDF of the proposal below.) In December 2014, after task-force review, the proposal was shared for public comment. The OTC reviewed the proposal and public comments in January 2015 and made no substantive changes. Plans for formation of a Region 1 ACT are moving forward. An inaugural meeting of the ACT is expected in Spring 2015.

Project documents

Proposal for Formation of an ACT in ODOT’s Region 1….Download a PDF

Policy on Formation and Operation of ACTs….Download a PDF

Discussions Regarding Forming an ACT Region 1….Download a PDF