Exempt Groundwater Well Policy Consensus Group

The Exempt Groundwater Well Policy Consensus Work Group worked toward stakeholder consensus about whether changes should be made to Oregon’s policy on exempt groundwater wells. Legislation modifying the state’s exempt groundwater well policy was proposed during the 2007 legislative session and previously. In late 2007, State Representative Jackie Dingfelder requested assistance from Oregon Consensus in … Read more

Affordable Housing Industry Dialogue

The housing industry, affordable housing advocates and other stakeholders convened to generate ideas for meeting affordable housing needs in Oregon. They worked toward consensus on funding, minimizing costs, reducing permitting obstacles to private and public housing, encouraging the availability of land for housing, and promoting home ownership. Issues and Challenges Housing stakeholders have disagreed during … Read more

Human Health-Related Scope of Practice Process Advisory Group

Legislators receive many proposals each session to expand or narrow health care scopes of practice. Scopes of practice define services licensed professionals may legally provide. The review process is time-consuming, and stakeholders are often polarized.  Like many states, Oregon has no clear process for evaluating these requests. Legislators, striving to uphold public safety, face challenges … Read more

Fish Passage Barriers Work Group

In 2006, under the direction of the Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC), the Oregon Bioscience Framework Implementation Team (Bio-FIT) delegated the development of a draft Fish Passage Barrier Data Standard to its Fish Passage Barriers Work Group. The work group, composed of representatives from federal, state, tribal, regional, and county government agencies, met seven times … Read more

Oregon Community Dispute Resolution Centers Rulemaking

In 2004, Oregon Consensus facilitated a collaborative process to assist the University of Oregon’s Office for Community Dispute Resolution in developing administrative rules governing the allocation of grants to counties for community dispute resolution services. The project’s charter was: “To develop concepts for administrative rules related to grant funding under ORS 36.155 by early fall … Read more

School-Based Health Care

The Oregon School Based Health Care Network and related stakeholders collaborated with medical insurance providers to develop sustainable funding sources for School-Based Health Care Centers in Oregon.  In 2005, Oregon Consensus provided technical assistance and facilitation services to assist in developing an initial forum to identify the obstacles and issues, and to lay the groundwork for further joint … Read more

ODOT Region 2 Prioritization Process

Oregon Consensus assisted The Oregon Department of Transportation’s Region 2 office to assess and improve its Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) prioritization process through collaborative participation of all the Area Commissions on Transportation in the region and the Lane County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  Oregon Consensus interviewed a large number of stakeholders and facilitated two … Read more

Aggregate Mining and Farmland Protection

In early 2004, at the Governor’s request, Oregon Consensus convened an Aggregate Mining and Farmland consensus process to develop a recommended state policy for siting and regulating aggregate mines on farmlands, within the context of the long-term demand for aggregate and the availability of other aggregate resources. Considerable data was compiled and presented to the … Read more