Oregon Offshore Wind Work Group

At the request of representatives from the renewable energy sector, fishing industry, labor unions, environmental groups, and other interests, Oregon Consensus facilitated an informal work group to explore the impacts and benefits of offshore wind along Oregon’s coast. This work group has recommended that Oregon develop an “Offshore Wind Roadmap with Exit Ramps.” The Roadmap is intended to offer a comprehensive vision and practical guidelines for how Oregon might incorporate offshore wind with the environment, existing ocean uses, cultures, and communities.

The work group developed a set of considerations as the Department of Land Conservation and Development convenes people to build the Roadmap. See a link to the Roadmap Considerations document below.

The group held a Virtual Information Session on the Considerations document on May 7 from 1-2pm PST. View a recording of the session here.

For detailed information of this group’s progress and discussions, see executive summaries of the group’s monthly meetings at the link below. Additionally, the group’s roster of participants can be found at the link below.

Oregon Floating Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap with Exit Ramps: Considerations (PDF)

Meeting Summaries (PDF)

Work Group Roster (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)